Sneak Peek: Has Schmidt & Cece’s Time Come?

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Sneak Peek: What’s Next for Nick and Jess?

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Jess to woo ‘Once Upon a Time’ hunk

Move over, Nick: There’s a new man in Jess’ life.

Julian Morris has landed a recurring guest role on New GirlEW has learned exclusively.

The Once Upon a Time and Pretty Little Liars star will play Ryan, a distractingly handsome teacher who replaces Jess in the classroom now that she’s the vice principal. His confidence and swagger rub her the wrong way as she attempts to assert her authority.

As we first reported in Spoiler Room, Jess will end up falling for him. “The complication is that she’s very much his boss,” executive producer Liz Meriwether says. “Jess is fighting her feelings for this teacher at work.”

New Girl returns Sept. 16 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. Morris will first appear in an episode slated for October.


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“New Girl” Season 3 Premiere Promo

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Jake Johnson: New Girl launched me

Jake Johnson says New Girl changed absolutely “everything” for him.

The 36-year-old actor plays Nick Miller alongside Zooey Deschanel’s Jessica Day in the hit comedy series, which kicked off in 2011 and is still going strong. Having only had small roles before then, Jake feels massively grateful to have gained a part with so much freedom and success.

“I’d done a movie called No Strings Attached with Ashton Kutcher, and it was written by Liz Meriwether, who created New Girl. When New Girl got picked up, she sent me a text saying, ‘I’m interested in you but you have to audition,” he recalled to Total Film magazine.

“New Girl absolutely, absolutely changed everything. As an actor, that’s what you’re struggling for. You’re struggling to be able to be allowed to act. It’s hard to get people to hire you when nobody knows who you are. The thing about New Girl, apart from anything else, is it actually gave me a job.”


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Kam Williams’ Celebrity Interview: Damon Wayans, Jr.

Damon Wayans, Jr. is a member of the famed Wayans family, creators of the groundbreaking television series In Living Color, the Scary Movie franchise, and much more. Damon made his film debut in Blankman, a superhero comedy that starred his father. He also appeared in his dad’s television series My Wife and Kids before striking out on his own as a stand-up comic on Def Comedy Jam.

Damon subsequently made such movies as Dance Flick, Marmaduke, Someone Marry Barry, and The Other Guys. More recently, he has starred on the TV sitcoms Happy Endings and New Girl. Here, he talks about his new film, Let’s Be Cops, where he co-stars opposite Jake Johnson, a fellow cast member on New Girl.

Kam Williams: Hey Damon, how’re you doing?
Damon Wayans, Jr.: Kam-tastic!
KW: Thanks for the time, bro. What interested you in Let’s Be Cops?
DW: I guess it was the concept which was similar to a buddy cop comedy, except they’re not cops. So, it’s sort of a fresh take on the idea. I was actually a little curious about why it hadn’t been done before, but I was definitely interested, especially once I heard that Jake Johnson was in the mix. We get along really well and make each other laugh a lot. So, I was like, “If you do it, I’ll do it.” And that’s how we got involved in the project.


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Max Greenfield Opens Up About Life As Married Father

On “New Girl,” Max Greenfield plays the likable character Schmidt — a popular role that’s earned the actor Emmy and Golden Globe nominations. Prepare to like Greenfield, 33, that much more. No matter how much acclaim or recognition he gets, the funnyman said at home, he knows who’s in charge and who’s most important — his wife Tess and daughter Lilly.

“I’ve been married for so long now, I don’t even remember dating,” Greenfield, 33, joked about tying the knot in 2008 to Tess Sanchez, a Fox casting executive.”She’s the boss!” he said of his powerful counterpart. “Yeah, she’s the boss. She keeps me in the ground, as opposed to grounded,” he joked.

Greenfield added that his wife was impressed with his recent work in “About Alex,” a film that debuted last week at the Tribeca Film Festival. “[My wife] did turn to me after seeing this film and said, ‘I feel like you gave a strong performance,'” he said. “I thought, ‘I must be really good in this! She’s never done that!'”


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Aubrey Plaza, Max Greenfield Talk Breaking Out of TV Roles for ‘About Alex’

The indie drama About Alex features a number of well-known TV actors, including Parks and Recreation‘s Aubrey PlazaNew Girl‘s Max Greenfield and Parenthood‘s Jason Ritter.

The movie’s writer-director, Jesse Zwick, who makes his feature film debut with the project, also has a TV background, not only writing for Parenthood but also being the son of legendary producer Ed Zwick (Thirtysomething, My So-Called Life, Once and Again).

The elder Zwick executive produced the project, but his writer-director son is quick to clarify his dad’s involvement, noting that while he didn’t provide any of the film’s funding, he did offer guidance throughout the process.

He also helped get the film’s primary producer, Adam Saunders, on board.

“I met Ed through our last movie; he sort of mentored us,” Saunders explains to The Hollywood Reporter. “And he sent me the script and asked my opinion of it, and I said, ‘It’s amazing, and you have to let me produce it.’ He said, ‘It’s not my decision; it’s Jesse’s, so he introduced me to Jesse, and I was lucky enough to have Jesse choose me to produce it.”

The Big Chill-like film focuses on a group of college friends who reunite for a weekend away after drifting apart following graduation.


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‘About Alex’ Cast Talks Social Media and their Experience on Set at TFF2014

“About Alex,” which premiered at the festival, tells the story of six friends who reunite after one (Jason Ritter) tries to commit suicide. Starring Ritter, Aubrey Plaza, Max Greenfield, Max Minghella, Nate Parker, Maggie Grace, and Jane Levy, the film looks at adult friendships in a time when hyper-connectivity (thanks to social media and technology) rules all, yet friends still manage to “slip through the cracks.”

Greenfield (best known as Schmidt on Fox’s “New Girl”) said that the experience was an emotional one for him. “It was when Jason’s character first enters the house, having come back from the hospital, and it was the first time in a scene seeing the bandages, and I went, ‘I misjudged the movie. I didn’t think it was gonna be so heavy. I can’t do this for the next 30 days.’

“It was terrifying, but it was a real moment, and that was kind of like… I’m glad I had the day off the next day,” he added. “It was one thing to read it, but it was another to get up, be in it, and see it. It was a very shocking moment.”

Co-star Ritter agrees with the heavy reality of the film and felt playing a group of friends made the ensemble cast close off camera. “We got to such a point where we all did legitimately care about each other,” he said. “There was one time, and it was in the scene where Aubrey’s on the bed with me, and she keeps on asking me like, ‘Are you OK? Is there anything I can get you?’ and all this stuff, and at some point I just say, ‘You need to stop asking me.’ And she’s just supposed to go ‘OK, I just really care about you,’ and when I said ‘You have to stop asking me,’ …I saw these tears spring to her eyes and all of a sudden I felt so loved and cared about and that she worried about me.


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Which “New Girl” Star Almost Quit Acting?

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