Max Greenfield On Kissing Sally Field & Why We Need Diversity In Storytelling

He’s your favorite douchebag on FOX’s New Girl, but Schmidt’s narcissistic tendencies and OCD behavior don’t translate to the actor himself. Max Greenfield takes on the opposite of his ego-stroking New Girl character in Hello, My Name Is Doris, opposite Sally Field. The Michael Showalter directed-story unfolds as Doris (Field) attempts to regain her independence after her mother dies. Dragged to a self-help conference and inspired by its overly optimistic guru (played to hilarious perfection by Peter Gallagher), Doris decides to pursue what she really wants: her much younger boss (Greenfield). Connecting with his unfamiliar hipster ways, she attempts to seduce the unsuspecting employee… with mixed results.

“The thing that I really related to is that Doris was in a position where she just really wanted to connect with somebody, and so is John’s character,” Greenfield says of the narrative. “He finds a connection with Doris. That is what anyone looks for, just being able to connect with another human being and find a level of friendship.”


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Max Greenfield Dishes on Jake Johnson’s Jalapeño Problem, Zooey Deschanel’s Pregnancy and Cougars

Max Greenfield is loved for his role playing the hilariously OCD workaholic Schmidt on Fox’s popular show New Girl, and it turns out he’s just as lovable in reality, too, relating ever-so-closely to his on-screen persona.

The 34-year-old actor has partnered up with Trulia to help people find their ideal home, promoting a Buyers-Diggs test to create a “home personality” for each user.

So what exactly is Greenfield’s “home personality?” Well, he gave CELEBUZZ some insight, and let’s just say it’s pretty Schmidt-y.

“I have a tendency that if I have to get work done at the house, like if I have to get on the computer for a period of time, in order to do that, I have to prepare myself, and that means making sure the house is clean,” Greenfield revealed. “So I will clean the whole house before I actually sit down at the computer. It’s a real OCD problem.”


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Fred Armisen to guest star on New Girl as a temporary roommate

Damon Wayans Jr.’s departure from New Girl is sure to depress the gang, but that won’t stop them from taking full advantage of the loft’s new vacancy once he’s gone.

In the episode, Nick (Jake Johnson) and Schmidt (Max Greenfield) will be turning the loft into a designated Airbnb spot and hosting Armisen (Portlandia) as a boarder, with Maki (Wrecked) renting Nick’s room. Rannazzisi (The League) will show up as a frenemy of Schmidt and Nick’s from college.

This casting news follows the announcement that Anna George will be playing Cece’s (Hannah Simone) mother during season five.

New Girl recently wrapped production on season four and has moved on to shooting for next season in order to accommodate for star Zooey Deschanel’s pregnancy.


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Max Greenfield on “New Girl,” future of Cece and Schmidt

Max Greenfield and the rest of the “New Girl” gang recently received some verygood news: The Fox sitcom has been picked up for a fifth season.

Hearing the news was, of course, great, but perhaps a little anti-climactic when it came time to celebrate, though.

“We usually find out these things while we’re working. So we’ll usually be on set, and they’ll be like, ‘You’ve been picked up!’ and we’re like, “Yes! OK.’ Then you shoot another scene,” Greenfield said with a laugh.

In other words, it’s busy on the set of “New Girl,” which co-stars Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Hannah Simone and Lamorne Morris, along with Damon Wayans Jr. (who’s exiting after this season).

Greenfield plays Schmidt, one of the roommates at the Los Angeles-area loft. He’s the most uptight one of the group, obsessed with keeping the apartment clean and very concerned about his appearance.

And now we know what may have contributed to those obsessive tendencies. Last week, viewers got the chance to meet Schmidt’s mom for the first time. In town from Long Island, his mother, played by “Saturday Night Live” alum Nora Dunn, comes off as quite overbearing, at one point forcing Schmidt to wear a new sweater and hat she bought him — right on the spot, while they’re out to lunch.


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Max Greenfield on Facials and Facemasks

Max Greenfield plays the self-obsessed, and slightly insecure yet lovable ladies’ man, Schmidt, on FOX’s New Girl. In real life, he’s a married and not quite the metrosexual guy best known for his outrageous one liners like, “Can we just take a moment to celebrate me?”

On TV, Greenfield has a few quirky roommates, but off screen, he recently teamed up with Trulia to celebrate the launch of their new collaborative home search boards, which helps buyers and renters make the search for a new abode a bit more enjoyable. Speaking of home, we were curious to know about his current roommate—specifically if they share any beauty products.

In addition to staying active (yeah, we’ve seen those abs on the small screen), Greenfield told us about what makes him feel confident, the hair products he uses, a spa service he isn’t too fond of, and an at-home treatment he’s looking forward to trying.

Yahoo Beauty: Your character Schmidt on New Girl is super high maintenance. Do you relate, in terms of grooming?

Max Greenfield: Not so much. I feel like Schmidt is an extreme. I don’t think anybody goes as far as he does!


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Lamorne Morris on Police Brutality

Lamorne Morris hasn’t made many requests since he started playing New Girl‘s Winston. One was that his kooky character become a cop. Another was that the Fox series seriously consider what that means in America today.

“I love police officers. I think they’re awesome. They look cool as hell when they do stuff,” Morris tells TVLine. “My favorite movies involve police officers. It’s just, you can’t escape some of the things that are shown in the media. You can’t help but see it.”

He’s referring to recent news stories like a Ferguson, Mo., police officer fatally shooting Michael Brown, and a New York City police officer putting Eric Garner in a chokehold, a move later found to have probably caused his death. The incidents of police brutality were referenced often, Morris says, in messages from fans via his Twitter (@LamorneMorris) and Instagram (@lamorne) accounts.


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Lamorne Morris on Writing This Week’s Story Line About Race and the Police

The Fox comedy “New Girl” isn’t known for its commentary on world affairs — in fact, its stories are largely confined to the apartment its four main characters share. But on Tuesday’s episode, “Par 5,” the plot took an unexpected dive into a conversation about race relations.

After meeting a woman who invites him to an anti-police rally, Winston (Lamorne Morris) discussed the inner conflict he felt as an African-American cop. In a conversation with roommate and childhood friend Nick (Jake Johnson), Winston says: “I love you but, you’re white, I’m black. I understand where she’s coming from. When I was a kid we used to run from the police. Even if we did nothing wrong, it was just out of habit.”

Mr. Morris, who co-wrote the episode, spoke about bringing the idea to “New Girl” executive producers Elizabeth Meriwether, Dave Finkel and Brett Baer — and about balancing the desire to address the topic with the responsibility to be funny.


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Zooey Deschanel on Jimmy Kimmel

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Sneak Preview of “The Right Thing”

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Max Greenfield on Playing It Straight In ‘Hello, My Name is Doris’ and Who Makes Him Starstruck

While Max Greenfield has been working consistently in film and television for over a decade, it was landing the show-defining role of Schmidt on “New Girl” that made people take notice of him as a comedy powerhouse. For the SXSW-premiering “Hello, My Name is Doris,” directed by Michael Showalter, though, Greenfield kept things grounded as the young object of Sally Field’s affections.

Below, Greenfield explains why he took the part without even reading the script, how the film’s stellar ensemble cast came together and what was hard about playing the straight man this time.

How did you get involved with the film?

I had done “They Came Together” with Michael [Showalter] and David [Wain], and Michael and I, on that film, just hit it off. I had such a great experience on that movie. The following summer, I had heard about this movie through mutual friends and I had thought to myself, look, Michael knows me, if he doesn’t think I’m right for it then obviously I’m not gonna bug him about it.


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