‘New Girl’ Cast Discusses Olivia Munn’s Racy Role
Posted by Lauren on November 26, 2012

New Girl may be taking the week off to not compete with election returns, but the cast assembled in Los Angeles Monday night for an early screening of next week’s episode, “Menzies,” and a Screen Actors Guild Q&A.

Catering to their audience, the fivesome — Zooey Deschanel, Jake Johnson, Max Greenfield, Lamorne Morris and Hannah Simone — spent a lot of time talking about casting, on-set improv and character development between the first and second seasons, but there were a few interesting nuggets dropped about upcoming episodes.

Olivia Munn, for instance, will be playing a stripper. The Newsroom star recently booked a multi-episode arc as Nick’s (Jake Johnson) girlfriend Angie.

“She comes to the bar where Nick works,” said Johnson. “She’s got a scandalous job. It involves laps, and it involves dancing. Nick likes that because he’s not a damn idiot.”

And her gig doesn’t stop the gang from latching onto her. “Jess likes her,” added Deschanel, “and she wants [Angie] to like her.”

Munn’s arrival will also coincide with the return of David Walton‘s Sam, who seemingly departed at the end of the Halloween episode when Jess tried to escalate the relationship. Walton and his former Perfect Couples co-star are filming a scene with their characters respective love interests this week.


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