Latino Reviews’ Interview with Jake Johnson
Posted by Lauren on June 09, 2012

Actor Jake Johnson is best known as Nick Miller on the television show “New Girl.” But, he is also a veteran actor appearing in several comedies, including “A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas,” “No Strings Attached” and “Paper Heart.”

Johnson joined the cast of the upcoming sci-fi romance movie “Safety Not Guaranteed” as a magazine reporter who traveled with a couple of interns to investigate a strange classified advert about time traveling.

During the press day for “Safety Not Guaranteed,” Johnson gave Latino Review an exclusive interview to discuss the details on his role for this project. In addition, he joked about his popular role on “The New Girl” and even revealed some info about his character in the upcoming romance “The Pretty One.”

“Safety Not Guaranteed” will be in limited release starting on June 8th in the cities of New York, Los Angeles and Portland. And then it expands its release in theaters nationwide on June 15th.

Check out the interview transcript below.

Latino Review: What attracted you to this project?

Jake Johnson: Working with Colin Trevorrow and being in a Derrick Connelly script. I think he is a great writer. I was excited to hear that Aubrey Plaza was interested. I’ve been a fan of “Parks and Recreation” for a while and her work in “Funny People” was really great. I really like the script. I really like Jeff’s character.

Latino Review: Talking about your character, no offense, but I thought your character was a jerk.

Jake Johnson: [Laughter] None taken.

Latino Review. I mean, what attracted you to this type of character?

Jake Johnson: I don’t mind audiences not liking characters I played. I don’t mind people thinking that he’s a jerk.


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