‘New Girl’s’ Max Greenfield and the breakout characters of the season
Posted by Lauren on May 10, 2012

Fox’s “New Girl” has not only become one of this season’s success stories, but it’s also introduced a character that has, in some ways unexpectedly, become one of the most talked about of the year.

Of course, we’re speaking of none other than Schmidt, as played by Max Greenfield.

This first season, which wraps up with its finale Tuesday night, has been “very surreal,” Greenfield told us in an interview.

“I worked quite a bit before this, but the difference between being part of a show and being on a hit show is just night and day,” the actor said. “It seems like all of a sudden, things change overnight. I suddenly have a job for potentially awhile now.”

He’s come quite a ways since those early episodes, when he wasn’t so sure of how he was portraying his character.

“We shot the first four or five episodes before we premiered,” Greenfield recalled. “I was doing some really out-there stuff, and I thought, ‘When this airs, this could potentially go terribly wrong.'”

But instead, the show immediately found a home with viewers and critics alike. “We were very fortunate to have the reaction we had,” he said, “and people responded to the Schmidt character early and now we can kind of get away with anything.”


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