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Max Greenfield Loves Weddings and Michelle Obama, and He Doesn’t Care Who Knows It
Written by on September 21st, 2014

New Girl is back for its fourth season tonight, and we find the gang at a place we all know and love/hate: the last hurrah of wedding season. Twelve weddings in, the troops are grasping at ways to entertain themselves while yet another couple trudges to the altar, even as they try to mend hearts that are in various states of brokenness. Max Greenfield took a break from shooting yesterday to talk about the upcoming season with Vulture, and we discussed all the things he loves: playing Schmidt, people who write their own vows, attending weddings (both when he was single and now that he’s married), Prince, SoulCycle, and the secret rules of True American.

Hey, Max! Thanks for taking the time to talk today.
I love me some Vulture! I saw you wrote about Pete Davidson this morning. I love him.

Love him like you know him in real life, or love him like you’re a fan?
I real-life know him.


Hannah Simone teases CeCe and Schmidt’s bright future
Written by on September 21st, 2014

So far we know there is some serious dating going on in “New Girl” Season 4. With Nick and Jess newly single, who better to assist in the pickup action than their single friends? This season brings viewers back to Season 1 in a lot of ways, because the entire group is single and ready to mingle. So look forward to a lot of dating related hijinks.

That means fans shouldn’t lose hope for CeCe and Schmidt (Max Greenfield). Hannah Simone tells  Zap2it this is a perfect time for a happily-ever-after for the couple.

“There’s always hope. I love the dynamic of Schmidt and CeCe together. There have been ups and downs, growing pains and people getting scared of commitment. Now in Season 4,  we’re both single. He’s coming off of a slutty summer while she’s broken up with her boyfriend, and they still have this great chemistry and connection,” she says.

When asked whether it’s CeCe and Schmidt, not Jess and Nick, who is the couple everyone is rooting for, Simone remains optimistic. She says, “I don’t know what is going to happen this season, but I feel like [CeCe & Schmidt] are in a really good place that if something were to [happen], we’d all be so on board with them.”


#4.02 – “Dice” Episode Summary
Written by on September 20th, 2014

#4.02 – “Dice” — Schmidt tutors Jess in the not-so-fine-art of dating via mobile apps. Meanwhile, Winston is desperate to make a good impression on his fellow police cadets, which backfires when Nick, Coach and Cece show up at a party thrown by fellow officers.

‘New Girl’ boss teases season full of sex
Written by on September 16th, 2014

New Girl will be hitting the reset button on its fourth season, bringing the show back to basics without the messiness of Nick and Jess’ relationship bogging down the Fox comedy.

Instead, all six of the show’s main characters are now single, providing a new wealth of comedy as they attempt to get back out there with various incoming guest-stars. “If you’re an actor and you want to have sex with one of the New Girl cast members, call Liz Meriwether to figure it out,” the show’s creator jokes of the new season.

But does that mean Nick and Jess are done for good? And will Schmidt and Cece get back together? Below, Meriwether teases what’s in store for the ragtag sextet:

Talk about where the new season is picking up.
We are picking up the show with the summer having gone by. So, Nick and Jess have been broken up for about four months. It’s just been the summer of weddings. Basically it was an idea for an episode that came from my own life of just looking at my kitchen and I have this magnetic blackboard that was just covered in wedding invitations, and just feeling like this is that time in their lives when everybody’s inviting you to housewarmings and baby showers and engagement parties and weddings. It’s just that feeling of all of them wondering for a second, “You know, am I moving forward in the right way or am I stuck behind a little bit?” They’ve been to 11 weddings in a row and this is the 12th and final wedding of the summer and Jess hasn’t hooked up with anybody since Nick. All the guys are pushing her to get back out there and get back in the game and helping her to take advantage of the easy sex that happens at weddings.


New Girl EPs Tease Bridal, Bruising, Biel-Filled Season 4 Premiere
Written by on September 16th, 2014

It’s been a cruel, cruel summer for the lofties of Fox’s New Girl, who’ve endured wedding after wedding with little more than a refrigerator door full of save-the-dates to show for it.

But as Season 4 opens (Tuesday at 9/8c), the group’s long, nuptial nightmare is drawing to a much-desired close.

“We pick them up [as they're] about to attend the very last wedding of the season,” executive producer Brett Baer tells TVLine. And all of those champagne toasts and garter tosses have proven fertile romantic ground for some (Schmidt, Coach), not so much for others (Jess, Winston).

With cold weather only months away, “Schmidt charges everyone,” EP Dave Finkel says. “Everybody has to hook up” before winter (and the baggy clothes that come with it) sweep in to make things tougher.

But do the pals find wedded, er, bedded bliss? Read on as the EPs tease the tuxedo-wearing, chicken-dancing, rice-throwing season opener.


New Girl Admits Childrens Hospitals’ Erinn Hayes as [Spoiler]‘s Lust Interest
Written by on September 12th, 2014

Childrens Hospitals‘ Erinn Hayes is checking into New Girl — much to the delight of one of the show’s single guys.

TVLine has learned exclusively that Hayes has booked a Season 4 guest-stint on the Fox comedy as a lust interest for Damon Wayans Jr.’s Coach.

The actress-writer will play Ruth, the slightly ditzy and trashy school nurse who’s having an fling with Coach and doesn’t appreciate the new “no fraternization” policy that Jess — the Vice Principal — must enforce.

Coincidentally, this is the same episode that marks the arrival of the hot new science teacher, played by Once Upon a Time‘s Julian Morris.

New Girl‘s fourth season kicks off Tuesday, Sept. 16 at 9/8c.


‘New Girl’s’ Jake Johnson, Max Winkler Sell Crime Comedy to Fox
Written by on September 11th, 2014

New Girl duo Jake Johnson and Max Winkler are expanding their relationship with Fox.

The single-camera project is described as an adrenaline-packed action comedy that centers on two guys who learn how to grow up in the most unexpected way: paying off a debt for a local crime boss.

Nick Thomas is on board to write the script and exec produce alongside Winkler and actor-producer Johnson via the duo’s 20th Century Fox Television-based Walcott Co. banner. 3 Arts’ Dave Becky, Oly Obst and Jonathan Berry also will executive produce.

100 Grand marks the latest sale to come from Johnson and Winkler’s Walcott banner, which the duo launched in July 2013.


#4.01 – “The Last Wedding” Episode Summary
Written by on September 6th, 2014

#4.01 – “The Last Wedding” – At the last wedding of the summer, the gang makes a pact: Each of them will get lucky by night’s end.  Jess sets her sights on the best man (guest star Reid Scott), who also has caught the eye of a beautiful scientist (guest star Biel). Meanwhile, Schmidt and Nick get an indecent proposal; Winston recovers from his police academy training; and Coach panics when he realizes he already has hooked up with every woman at the party.

Jess to woo ‘Once Upon a Time’ hunk
Written by on August 31st, 2014

Move over, Nick: There’s a new man in Jess’ life.

Julian Morris has landed a recurring guest role on New GirlEW has learned exclusively.

The Once Upon a Time and Pretty Little Liars star will play Ryan, a distractingly handsome teacher who replaces Jess in the classroom now that she’s the vice principal. His confidence and swagger rub her the wrong way as she attempts to assert her authority.

As we first reported in Spoiler Room, Jess will end up falling for him. “The complication is that she’s very much his boss,” executive producer Liz Meriwether says. “Jess is fighting her feelings for this teacher at work.”

New Girl returns Sept. 16 at 9 p.m. ET on Fox. Morris will first appear in an episode slated for October.


Jake Johnson: New Girl launched me
Written by on August 24th, 2014

Jake Johnson says New Girl changed absolutely “everything” for him.

The 36-year-old actor plays Nick Miller alongside Zooey Deschanel’s Jessica Day in the hit comedy series, which kicked off in 2011 and is still going strong. Having only had small roles before then, Jake feels massively grateful to have gained a part with so much freedom and success.

“I’d done a movie called No Strings Attached with Ashton Kutcher, and it was written by Liz Meriwether, who created New Girl. When New Girl got picked up, she sent me a text saying, ‘I’m interested in you but you have to audition,” he recalled to Total Film magazine.

“New Girl absolutely, absolutely changed everything. As an actor, that’s what you’re struggling for. You’re struggling to be able to be allowed to act. It’s hard to get people to hire you when nobody knows who you are. The thing about New Girl, apart from anything else, is it actually gave me a job.”